Monday, September 6, 2010

Wata Wata

Not every important beauty message has to be long and convoluted! Want glowing skin? Want to flush out toxins? Minimize unnecessary food cravings? I hope the answer is yes!

I don't need to tell you the importance of water for your health, but I can tell you a few ways you can add some flair to your water to make it a little more interesting to drink!

Want a slightly sweet water? Try orange slices....

Looking for a tangy flavor? Freeze slices of limes and pop them into your water like little ice cubes!

Try cucumbers for digestion!

Lemon for detoxification!

Raspberries because they are sweet and pretty!

I even like to make my own "Metro-Mint" by adding some peppermint extract to my water- just a drop!

Get inventive!

Check out this site for a few "recipes" like Citrus Cucumber and Orange Mint:

Drink up!

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