Monday, October 4, 2010

Product Review: Tom's of Maine Citrus Deodorant

Hello Everyone,
It's hard to believe it's October already! Here in Pennsylvania we've had a lot of rain lately...which usually I don't mind although my rain boots got a hole in them last spring and I haven't replaced them yet. I should get on that :) However, I love this season. Pumpkins, leaves changing colors, warm sweaters, apple cider...I love Fall!!

As for La Beauté, the month of October will begin my Autumn Burst Recipe Series!! In the upcoming weeks I will share homemade skincare recipes with a special fall twist that I promise will make you excited about all the wonderful little things that fall brings!

But for now...a product review!

My first experience with Tom's of Maine products was my freshman year in college. One September afternoon I noticed that I had come down with a fairly bad underarm rash, which continued to spread, swell, and get very red and itchy. One of my roommates suggested it was my deodorant that was causing this (it was one of those chemically-laden ones) and so I went out and bought a Tom's of Maine Apricot scented deodorant. For the most part, after a week or two, the rash was gone and hasn't made a comeback since!

I liked the apricot deodorant because it was entirely natural, smelled slightly sweet but not overpowering, and wasn't tested on animals. It also soothed my skin and actually made me feel good to be using such a "healthy" product. However, I didn't care too much for the exact formula, because the product itself seemed to have a pretty low melting point and got very mushy very quickly. After using that one tube, I tried other products and haven't turned to Tom's for my "deodorant needs" since.

However, before coming back to school this fall, I saw a new Tom's deodorant: the 24 hour Odor Protection Crystal Confidence one to be exact!

-Smells AMAZING!! The citrus zest scent is refreshing and uplifting and is the best smelling, non-synthetic deodorant I've ever tried
-NO WHITE RESIDUE!! One of my biggest irritations is when my black clothes get that white deodorant mark on them, but because this is a crystal liquid rollerball formula, there is no residue
-The product itself has lasted me from mid-August until now, and I'm only halfway through the bottle! (And yes- that's with more than once daily application folks!)
-All natural

-During the mid-August/early September heat spell, I found myself reapplying more than I would normally with another deodorant, but it wasn't too much of an inconvenience
-A little more expensive than "chemical" deodorants, but because of how long it lasts, it's worth it to me!

All in all, I give this product an A for it's natural composition, refreshing scent, and efficacy!

Stay tuned next week for the first Autumn Burst installment!!