Thursday, March 11, 2010

Origins Modern Friction

Hey Everyone! I think I could stay on Spring Break forever! I'm down in Georgia visiting family and having a great time just chatting and sleeping and eating and shopping...'tis the life!

For today's post I thought I would introduce you all to a fabulous Origins product called Modern Friction.

The concept behind this product is basically a gentler alternative to Microdermabrasion, a very harsh procedure that is basically sandblasting your dead skin cells away, and can result in extreme irritation and damage to your skin. Origins' Modern Friction is a FABULOUS exfoliating product that should be used a couple of times a week. It is a very sticky, grainy paste consistency so here is how to use it:

Step 1: Put a little dab of the product on your cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead and rub it into your dry skin (so don't wet your face first). Rub it in all over and don't worry about the product not foaming, that will come in Step 2.

Step 2: Get your hands wet and start rubbing your face again to get the product foaming. The more water you add to it and the more you massage your face, the more the Modern Friction will foam, cleanse, and exfoliate.

Step 3: Rinse your face and be sure to remove all the granules. Your skin will be SO soft, and I promise you will become addicted to this product. It is such a powerful exfoliator though that you don't need to use it more than twice a week, because you don't want to irritate your skin (because you are all using a daily exfoliator too, right?)

The Origins website describes the product as having "Skin-refining Rice Starch, cushioned in cream, shows real affinity for rapidly removing sluggish cells, uneven patches and signs of skin damage and discolorations. Lemon Oil kick starts the process of illumination. Another age-sweeping action: skin-menacing molecules are mopped up. All while Aloe keeps skin calm and comfy" ( I adore this product because it does a great job of making my skin so soft and smooth, and helps clear out my pores. It is incredibly gentle and non-abrasive, so even those of you with sensitive skin can feel good about trying it!

A 4 oz jar retails for about $37.50, but you will absolutely get your money's worth! The product lasts months (probably about 6 or 7) and you might even be able to get away with a jar a year. This is also a really great gift idea for moms, aunts, and even your grandmothers, because women in those age groups are generally the ones who go out for the harsh Microdermabrasion procedures.

For those of you who are just going on Spring Break, I hope yours will be as relaxing and restful as mine has been!! I have one more full day with my family and then unfortunately it is back to the grind! Although I am going back with a new hair cut and highlights, and hopefully I'll snag some new makeup tomorrow evening, so I can't wait to show y'all!! (Oh dear, I am becoming Southern...)

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