Friday, February 26, 2010

Eye Makeup Remover

Hello Everyone! I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Mine started out quite well...after rolling out of bed Friday morning and grabbing something for breakfast, then getting dressed and doing my make up, I checked my email only to find that classes had been canceled due to the was a nice surprise, so I just went back to bed!

I myself am in the midst of midterms and the stress and papers and exams (oh my!) are making me really look forward to spring break. Usually when I'm this busy, my makeup routine gets a little bit lax, and I tend to neglect a certain portion of my regime that is crucial to maintaining good skin...that is, removing ALL of my makeup. Usually it just happens to be a little eyeliner and mascara, but for every night you sleep in your makeup, your skin ages even more quickly! So I thought I would do a post on perhaps one of my favorite kinds of beauty products, which is, eye makeup remover! It sounds very odd to say that it's one of my favorites, but removing all your makeup will not only keep your skin looking beautiful (and healthy) but it will also keep your new makeup looking fresh when you apply it.

I've decided to post on a few different products, all varying in cost and type.

The first product I'd like to share is Blum natural eye makeup remover pads. I found these while browsing the beauty products at Whole Foods one day and the concept of natural remover pads that were only $5 a jar and were not tested on animals was very appealing to me! I think these pads do a pretty good job of removing light eye makeup (e.g. a little eyeliner, mascara, some light shadow) but not so much for something as strong as a smoky eye. The convenience factor though is huge to me, because there are always those nights that I'm too tired to do anything but take something that's already pre-moistened and wipe away my makeup. If you generally don't wear much eye makeup, and prefer something natural and decently priced, these Blum pads are the thing for you!

Another one of my favorite eye makeup removers is Aveda's Pure Comfort Remover. You will see a lot of Aveda products on my blog because I spent the last two summers in an Aveda Concept Spa and Salon. Some of the products are fantastic, others could be improved, but the eye makeup remover is perfect as it is! The thing I really love about this product is that it removes all of my eye makeup and is VERY gentle. I have very sensitive eyes and the generic store brands burn my eyes too much. I love how Aveda's product is also all natural, very effective, and easy on the delicate skin. I usually have the most problem removing eyeliner, and the best way I have found to do this is to take a q-tip and squeeze some of the Pure Comfort remover onto it and then remove your eyeliner that way. It works wonderfully!

Speaking of q-tips, if you are a busy gal and are on the go most of the time, you may want to consider Bare Escentuals q-tips. It usually costs around $5 for about 20 of them. Each q-tip comes filled with their makeup remover formula, and you snap one end which releases it to the tip of the swab, and voila, you are ready to remove your eyeliner! I say eyeliner and not eye makeup because it is really too small to remove anymore than your eyeliner, unless you used several. These are great though to keep in your purse, backpack, or makeup bag if you need to make a quick touch up.

(picture from the Bare Escentuals website)
But perhaps my favorite of all makeup removers is the one that is made by Benefit. I am a true lover of Benefit products because they are not only effective, but their ingenious marketing techniques make using their products a lot of fun. I love how there is a large quantity of product and I get the most bang for my buck with Benefit's Gee That Was Quick makeup remover. It is gentle enough to use around your eyes but also does a fab job getting rid of the rest of your maquillage. My only advice is to not travel with the bottle! For some reason, despite my best efforts to keep it from leaking (even tying tissues around it and rubber banding it shut with the lid firmly on), it always looses half the quantity of the bottle if I take it on a trip. Other than the packaging problem, this is one terrific product!

(picture from the Benefit website)

I hope you all have a great week and good luck with all of your work!

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